Customer Care

Monkey Mia Wildsights Care for their Customers...

Customers Are Really Everything

Our customer CARE policy requires that "You must leave us with a smile on your dial" and this is what stands behind it: "Love it, or it’s free!" A totally unconditional, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee on everything you do with us.

100% Warranty of Seawellness

Any fare paying passenger who gets physically sick on a cruise gets $100 in soft warm cash (the only proviso is no fingers in the throat).

Animal Warranty

Unconditional, free repeat cruises, forever. With wild animals there is naturally the possibility of occasionally not finding many of them, or (gulp) not finding them at all! So on our cruises we'll carry that risk for you! You are welcome to come back on any cruise again, as our guest (yes, for free), as often as you like (yes forever, if that's what it takes) until you've seen the animals to your satisfaction.

Money-Back Guarantee on Products

The quality of any product bought from us, from T-shirts to tickets, from magazines to drinks, are all totally covered by our no-questions-asked, unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee.

Your Satisfaction is our Absolute Priority

We know of no other operator in the world that makes those commitments.

Genuine Ecotourism

The National Ecotourism Accreditation Program is recognised and promoted internationally by the Australian Tourist Commission as a benchmark of first class environmental standards for a tourism operation.

"Today's consumers wish to immerse themselves in exciting natural and cultural destinations that offer the opportunity for discovery.  Increasingly they are seeking experiences that are authentic, stimulating and memorable. They also want to feel comfortable that the tourism operation they choose will be one that acts in a responsible manner towards these special and sensitive places. Ecotourism provides enjoyable and educational experiences in natural areas that leave little or no impact.

The Advanced Ecotourism Accredited logo means the operator has achieved the essential requirements to demonstrate outstanding performance in striving to meet these consumer needs".  From Australian Tourist Commission's 'The Australian Tourism Source'

There are 3 levels of Accreditation.  All of our cruises hold the highest level.  Ours were the first marine wildlife sailing cruises in Australia to achieve Advanced Ecotourism Accreditation

Quality Assurance Accreditation - Tick of Approval

Tourists should look for a tick of approval on all tourism businesses indicating world class standards following the introduction of a national accreditation scheme.

The Australian Tourism Accreditation Authority (ATAA) manages the National Tourism Accreditation Program, aimed at ensuring world class standards for customer service, business practices, training and environmental management in Australia’s tourism industry.

Because of our already documented, comprehensive, Best Practice procedures, we were the first tourism operator in the Outback Coast region to satisfy theses Quality Assurance requirements.